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Echo Storm

Survive enemies attack as long as possible in the world of Echo Storm! Use possibility to combine characters, weapons and abilities to become more powerful. Death resets the progress, but the longer you survive, the more abilities your character gets. Onslaught of enemies is growing too and the intensity of the battle is increasing. Find best abilities combination and try to destroy all enemies!

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Unity Assets

We created a lot of awesome assets for Unity Engine, which can drastically reduce time needed to create your game.

Radar System Asset
Add radar or minimap to your game
RTS Starter Kit
Designed to simplify RTS game creation
Road GPS Navigator
Road navigation map for your game
RTS Selection
Units selection like in RTS game
Input Manager
Customizable controls in runtime, gamepads support
Healthbars Kit
Visualize enemies health above them
TD Starter Kit
Create Tower Defense game
UI Effects
HUE, Grayscale, Saturation and other effects for UI

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Use email from our Unity AssetStore page if you have any questions.